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Planning a Trip to Greece – Important Things to Ponder

Greece stands out as a much-preferred and world-recognized tourist destination with its golden sand beaches, rocky caves, vineyard landscapes and volcanic islands. Over a million holidaymakers plan their trips to Greece to unfold its gracious charm. It incorporates a lot more for you to explore beyond its idyllic destinations, mind-blowing architecture and religious heritage. The […]

Greece Family Vacation Packages – An Affordable Alternative Memorable Vacation

The very thought of Greece conjures up the images of azure seas, sparkling sunshine, golden beaches and white-washed villages that cascade down the hillsides. A stopover at this amazing country can turn out a lifetime memory for many. Offering an astounding display of ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes and joie de vivre, Greece has that unique […]

Top 5 Destinations to Visit During Your Family Trip to Greece

Are you planning a vacation with your kids? If yes, then Greece is surely one of the most entertaining countries of the world for your children. The pleasing weather, safe environment and shark-free beaches of the country make it a well-organized tourist destination for families. The summer time marks an ideal season for a family […]

Greek Island Sailing Holidays – Exploring the Legendary Islands on a Yacht Charter

Regardless of the economic crisis that prevails in Greece, the sun still shines there inviting the visitors to explore the tavernas, ancient sites, vineyards and beaches. Ever since the ancient times, sailing across the Greek islands hold deep-rooted affiliation, predominantly in the epics of Homer. If you are planning a family trip to this country, […]

Are You Planning a Trip to a US National Park?

The U.S. National Park Service celebrated their 100th Anniversary on Thursday, August 25, 2106 and organized historic preservation programs, conservation and engaging communities through recreation. The centennial invites everyone to take part in the celebration to discover the national parks and programs. What was the first National Park? Yellowstone was the first national park had […]