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3 Best Las Vegas Helicopter Tours That Land On The Grand Canyon Floor

The big advantage to taking a Vegas helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon is that there are several options for landing on the Canyon floor. With all the choices, you may have difficulty picking out the best tour. Here is a little help in the form of my top three helicopter tours that let you […]

Costa Rica: Central America’s Hidden Gem

Nuestra SeƱora de la Muerte. Imaginations of a secret death cult tormented me as I rounded yet another hairpin bend on a mist-shrouded mountainside. A lightly guardrailed drop of lord knows how many hundreds of feet was just inches away. “Pura vida, hell,” I thought to myself grimly. “These ticos want to end it all […]

Let’s Be a Tourist In Your Own Hometown

Sometimes we just overlook that it’s not as hard as we think, to act awkward and not to feel bad about it in your own city, we waste our whole life to be happy but we never initiate the effort of exploring something new which is nearby. We never think about the little joys but […]

The Beaches of Tuscany

Along the coast of Tuscany you can find some typical features like white sand, crystal clear water and unspoiled nature. These three features are some of the many that drive many visitors to visit these beaches every year. Whether it’s a few days, a few weeks or even a whole season, everyone wants to go […]

Top Ten Must Visit Greece Tourist Attractions

With its revered ancient sites, crystalline water and dazzling white beaches, Greece brings all the excitement for the tourists to explore. Despite of all the debt crisis and protest that come up in the highlight, Greece enjoys great popularity as a much-preferred travel destination. Inhabiting more than 60 islands, idyllic beaches, towering mountains and vast […]