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For Your Upcoming Getaway, Attempt Something a Little Bit Extraordinary

The fall is certainly rapidly approaching. Lots of people are searching for pleasurable options to dedicate their yearly vacation time period. Some people may well choose to visit the mountain tops to see the leaves change colors. They will often examine events which include county festivals that are filled with music and songs, food items, […]

Top Things to Do in Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also the centre of ancient civilization. It has many interesting tourist spots and beautiful beaches. There are also many things to do in Greece, including the following: 1. Enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of Santorini, Greece. Santorini is full of beautiful buildings, […]

Bhutan – The Land of Tranquillity and Natural Beauty

Introduction Have you heard of the land of tranquillity? Yes, you have guessed it right. It is Bhutan. It is a landlocked country which is sitting nestled in the eastern Himalayas. When tourists visit this country, true to its legend, they lose track of time. This is primarily due to the serene nature, and colourful […]

Nairobi’s Best-Kept Secret

On Valentine’s Day 2015 my friend Kirstin and I met George out the front of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nairobi. It wasn’t some kinky Valentines arrangement, but rather a very informative and entertaining walking tour of Nairobi’s CBD. From the Hilton, we walked to Kimathi Street where a statue of the war hero General […]

10 Smart Tips for Enjoyable Vacations on Beaches

Introduction When tourists go for an outing near a beach, it is better to take some precautions so that they can spend quality time with their friends and families. The nature always comes with glorious uncertainties and surprise events. So, if the visitors take sufficient caution, they are able to get a feel of what […]

5 Popular Things to Do in Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran is a must visit destination in Bali with its beautiful coastlines, beaches and seafood dinners. For the traveler to Jimbaran, the best way to relax is to enjoy the local beaches. But, this isn’t only a destination to relax, lay and swim on the beach; there are also plenty of other attractions that aren’t […]